“Music is what I need to keep my sanity”- 311

“Beyond Dubstep”

Looking for animation resource to put a concept film to this album. 

 I have crafted tracks at a dubstep tempo of 140 beats per minute.  Each song is in order as a root-note A, B, C, D, E, F,G, including minor notes.  This experimental project fuses classic electronic influences over dubstep tempo’s and “wobble bass”, an attempt to rebirth old school Electronica in a new school way.

Here is a sneak peek!

Beyond Dubstep Root Note A 140 BPM MP3

The track on the link above was the first “finished” track from my new album “Beyond Dubstep”.  I am still working on it, and it has yet to be finished and mastered.  I like to share my works in progress and see how people respond or what input they give.  Please feel free to comment!

Beyond Dubstep Root Note B 140 BPM

The track above “Beyond Dubstep Root Note B 140 BPM” was probably my least favorite of the (A, B, C, D, E, F, G root note series) in the beginning.  I dumped many of the finial elements and brought in some big bangin bass along with some speedy old school breaks, and absolutely love it, now!  Still a work in progress.  Please share!

Beyond Dubstep Root Note C 140 BPM MP3

I am not feeling it today.  Here is the latest version of this track.  I do not want to work on it anymore right now.  Please comment and let me know how you feel about it.  I can always use input!

Spoken word

Spoken word over music has been an exciting process for me, and if conscious hip hop or Slam poetry is your thing then checkout “mc2r8tz” artist name, “Philosopher Stoned – Recovered”- album name.  Here is my favorite “Beautiful Protagony”.

Click to listen!

This track was recorded at Last Drop Studios Santa Clara, CA in 2005.  The instrumental electronic music is by Analyst and vocals written and performed by  This was the first spoken word over music track Dyer has recorded.  The words are from a free verse stream of consciousness written in 2001.  This was the second writing Dyer had memorized by heart.  The first piece Tavius memorized was called “Inkless Pen”, and was first published in the Santa Clara Review Spring/Summer 1997.  Dyer recited this peace over analyst beats for his second vocal recording.  Tavius’s first track written to music was his most popular spoken word song “Oh My God (It’s Like That)” –

The image above is the first song lyrics I wrote to music “Oh My God! It’s Like That”. I did it while listening to the instrumental music on my headphones while riding a bus. This is most peoples’ favorite track on my first CD a quad EP “Philosopher Stoned – Recovered” released with my second book of poetry with the same title under Resonant Frequency Records which was my record label from 2005-2009.

Oh My God! (It’s Like That)mc2r(8-t)z? = MC Crazy


After more tweaking than I recall a decent mix having to take after a decade I give you my second DJ mix, “The Hills Have Eyes”, a dubstep style by Auguste Coleman who shared Skrillex with me over a year ago, which has become my new favorite electronic musician.  “The Hills Have Eyes” title comes from the energy and content of the tracks selected, especially in light of having moved back to the Sierra Foothills where dubstep parties in the forest are totally huge!

My previous was Amon Tobin, which was my other DJ mix and is titled “Bottled Mixes”, which can also be found on this page.  Please feel free to share my page, links, downloads with anyone who may be interested!  Ha Ha Happy Ho Ho Holidays ; )

 ”This is the modern version of a rock opera!” -Matt Lewis

( and Visual Reflections Unlimited).

The Hills Have Eyes

Tavius Dyer’s first artist mix for continuous play.



Bottled Mixes



The tracks mixed are by Amon Tobin



Resonant Frequency Records

Tavius Dyer started Resonant Frequency Records in the South Bay Area, Nor Cal in 2005. Resonant Frequency Records worked on a compilation for South Bay Live.  Soon thereafter, Jake Chaplin, joined Tavius as the audio engineer and producer.  Jake wrote the music for his band Reflectiv.  Chris Jaden brought the vocals and lyrics.  Resonant Frequency Records released Reflectiv’s self titled EP at Voodoo Lounge in downtown San Jose, Ca.

Jake and Tavius heard Gerald Lee at an open mic and it was obvious we had to work with him.  His sound was amazing!  Jake recorded Gerald and added instrument accompaniment. Front man for Bay Area R and B & Hip Hop band So Timeless Jonah Johnson joined Gerald Lee on a track for the solo EP “The Return”.

Tavius Dyer’s “Philosopher Stoned” series was published by Resonant Frequency Records.  Dyer’s first book “Philosopher Stoned – Incarcerated” was hand written with a golf pencil on yellow legal pad.  Tavius’s dear friend Ed Basanese encouraged him to write and capture where he was while incarcerated 12 months fighting two strikes!  Ed would type up Dyer’s hand written pages and send them back to be edited.  Tavius would mark up the print outs and send them back to Ed.  This went on for the duration of Dyer’s incarceration culminating in all of the content for the book “Philosopher Stoned – Incarcerated”.

Jake Chaplin went off to music school in So Cal and Dyer took his label underground producing his first album a quad EP sharing the title of his second book “Philosopher Stoned – Recovered” which was released simultaneously September 9th, 2009 at The Theater at San Pedro Square.  Jake was back by then and performed his new project “For the Broken” solo for the event.  Justin Morales of the band Seabright, activist Dennis Kyne, Khalilah Ramirez (The Dancer of Peace), performed with Jennifer Strange and Francisco Garcia.  Strange sung original songs and played guitar.  Cisco slammed free verse spoken word with Tavius Dyer after he read from his book “Philosopher Stoned – Recovered” – which was a collection of poetry written through marriage, separation and divorce.  Personal pictures were included as well.


 Gerald Lee solo EP “The Return“ 

Now the front man in the band Zig Zag Jones San Diego!

 South Bay Live



South Bay Live was an umbrella on-profit under San Jose Jazz meant to enliven the South Bay Area live music scene in Northern California.  Tavius was on the board of the original founders.  South Bay Live had several events generating brainstorms, discussions, and topics for consideration.  People volunteered to work on certain topics.  San Jose Jazz after hours club crawl, south bay music compilation, all ages music events, legal and logistical support through civil services.  Many of the potential South Bay Live projects became “Left Coast Live” a downtown San Jose, Ca “club crawl”.  Former South Bay Live director CJ White now does “South Bay Live Music”.  The South Bay Live music series at The Theater on San Pedro Square ran successfully for several years allowing local schools, musicians and bands the opportunity to play for free in a nice theater setting.


A South Bay Live compilation of artists and musicians from the San Jose area.

Image by Dan Haniger